UV Printed Name Signs


Printed in this beautiful floral pattern or please message us to organise another pattern for you.



30cm wide will be a maximum of 20cm tall (whichever comes first)

40cm wide will be a maximum of 25cm tall (whichever comes first)

45cm wide will be a maximum of 27cm tall (whichever comes first)

60cm wide will be a maximum of 35cm tall (whichever comes first)


The design is UV printed on the backside of clear acrylic. The top name plaque part can be any colour acrylic or gold as pictured.


Please mention the name needed and acrylic colour for the top name part, in the design details section.



Please be careful not to scratch the backside of the print, as this will show on the front. Please also do not use any alcohol/baby wipes on this sign. Only a microfibre cloth and a touch of water if needed.