Spinning Days Till Eid Countdown - Calligraphy 2024


Our gorgeous unique spinning countdown till Eid has been re-created ever so luxe! Originally created in 2021 ©️ 

How to use:

Simply spin/turn the wheel gently around to display the correct amount of days till Eid inshaAllah 


21cm tall 


Any colour from our acrylic range. Choose your own colours for each part. 

Please mention your info needed in the design details section like this: 

Main colour - any colour acrylic  (sage pictured)

Wheel colour - white or cream (white pictured)

Days till Eid - white, black or gold (white pictured)

Base - will match the main piece colour with a white layer underneath it

Calligraphy - any colour acrylic (gold pictured)


** please note we will use the matte finish side of the acrylic if the colour you choose comes in matte finish, as matte avoids fingerprints **