Spin the wheel - Custom Style - Large Size, Double Coloured


Size: this is our larger size (see other listing for the smaller size)

Stand itself is 37cm tall x 27cm wide. The wheel size is 29cm diameter.


This comes with a mini wavy sign with the text pictured. The mini sign will match the colour of the wheel colour. Logo in the centre is magnetic so this can be changed in the future if need be. Magnetic logo will sit on top and hide the hardware.


Stand Colour:

Choose from white gloss acrylic or black gloss acrylic. 


Back part of Wheel Colour:

Any colour acrylic (besides mirror acrylic/frost colour acrylics)


Front part of Wheel Colours:

1 or 2 colours for each of the 12 panels of text. We will use matte finish if your colour is available in matte. 


Text Print Colour:

White or black only


Centre Small Circle:

Matching colour to your wheel with your logo/business name printed on it.


Customisation to email:

Please email me to customise your own Spin the wheel. 

Stand colour - white or black

Back part of Wheel Colour - Any colour acrylic (besides mirror acrylic/frost colour acrylics)

Front part of Wheel Colour - Any 1 or 2 acrylic colours (besides mirror acrylic/frost colour acrylics)

Lines and text colour - white or black 
Text needed: 12 panels of text 
Logo - please email a pdf or vector file

Email - admin@luxedecorbylisa.com.au


2 options:

Permanent 12 places - you will not be able to switch up the order of the items nor replace any

Velcro Interchangeable places - velcro will be behind each piece and you WILL be able to switch them up/replace them if need be


** Please wipe daily after use using a microfibre cloth only, NO chemicals. **

Note, actual colours may vary depending on your screen or other factors such as lighting. Please reach out for further colour samples for a more accurate viewing and to ensure you’re choosing the right colour you need. Colours can not be changed after ordering.