Raised Crescent Style 1


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The perfect freestanding crescent! The raised feature of this design is great to utilise the space underneath and place presents InshaaAllah or you can even wrap lights around the pedestal part. 

Comes with string for you to tie the Arabic hanging words in the centre of the crescent. Also comes with 2 small Eid Mubarak words which you can blue tack on to the front of the design if you would like to or leave it without and just place lights around that area. 

A decent size of 1m tall. Width at the widest part is 52cm wide. Bases are 2 wooden bases and 1 white/black base for the top. 

Crescent can be made in thick white acrylic or black acrylic. This listing is for this acrylic version. The acrylic version is very solid and quite heavy as it’s 6mm thick acrylic.

The inner part can be made in any colour acrylic of your choice - gold, rose gold, silver, red mirror, green mirror, grey or pink. 

Please mention the 2 colours you would like for this design in the DESIGN DETAILS section