Surah Baqarah 115 - Calligraphy Long


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The East and the West belong to Allah.
To whichever direction you turn, you will be turning to Allah.
Allah is All-Embracing, All-Knowing. (2:115) 

This verse is stating that everything belongs to Allah and no matter where you call upon Allah you will find him, so if you call in secret, in silence, loud whatever way Allah (swt) will be there for you.

With the underneath plaque being engraved onto the light plywood. This won’t be painted and is left in raw plywood if you select a colour option. Or you can choose to order this calligraphy piece without the engraved panel with the meaning. 

Calligraphy and bottom panel made from 6mm thick wood 


Exact sizes are:
1st line - 14cm tall x 50cm wide
2nd line - (comes as 2 pieces) 18cm tall x 1m wide
3rd line engraved plaque - 10cm tall x 45cm wide

And overall with a small gap in between the lines 44cm tall x 1m wide (depending on the size gaps you leave between them.