Modern QR Code Freestanding Acrylic business sign version 6 (review)


Back piece stands at 25cm tall. Comes with 2 pieces and a base to slot the pieces into.

Please provide your colours needed clearly and we will also need the URL’s to your google review or other review platform.

Back piece - white with gold enjoy your service?

Front piece - latte

borders around QR - gold

base - latte

Printed Logo - if the back piece will be white, your logo can be printed in full original colours. If the back piece is coloured, your logo can only be white/black.

Smaller printed text on front oval - white or black

Sending your logo: transparent images work best, AI, SVG or PDF preferably. Or send all the files types you have and we’ll advise if we are unable to get your logo to work/need anything else additionally from you. Send to (high quality png files are recommended so your logo will not appear blurry and will be nice and clear)