Mashallah La Quwwata Illa Billah Calligraphy Freestanding


Meaning: "What Allah willed (has happened). There is no power except in Allah" Surah Kahf, verse no. 39

Protection of wealth, health and relationships
If you understand its meaning and dig deeper into how and why Allah is the sole doer of things (be it the blinking of your eye or creation of the Sun), then miracles start happening in your material life as well. 
Quran mentions how a man who didn't acknowledge Allah's favours upon him had to lose his entire crop and fruit farm, because he did not say mashallah LA quwwata illa billa when he was looking at his produce with pride and ego, and not thanking Allah for this blessings.


    • Fragile Item - handle with care and place flat down when not in use.
    • Dust regularly