3 in 1 Double Circled Logo, QR's + Cards Sign


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Back piece is Approx. 25cm diameter. Base itself is approx. 8cm x 23cm.  


Please email your logo in all file formats to lisa@luxedecorbylisa.com.au 

- your logo will be printed in full original colours onto the white acrylic 

- or if you have a transparent/svg version of your logo, your logo can be printed in black or white onto ANY colour acrylic. 


Information needed:

- URL/link to your IG page, logo emailed.

- The main circle and base colour

- 3D border around QRs

- Underneath layer to base colour

- Border around business cards colour -

- Panelled back circle colour - 

Let's get social will be printed in a matching colour to your logo colour

Holds regular size business cards