3 in 1 Double Arched Social Sign/ Square + Usernames + Card Holder


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30cm wide at the base and can contain 2 or 3 usernames of your choice/short sentences. The back piece is 25cm tall.

This has a place for your (standard size) cards and your square reader.


Your logo can be placed at the top of the sign. If the front arch is going to be white, your png file logo can be printed in full colour onto the white. If you are choosing a colour acrylic for the front, your logo can be printed in black or white only or you can opt to print your logo onto a white circle and attach it to the top of the coloured arch. Please email logo files after ordering. 


Please mention your colours needed in the design details section, as well as your usernames needed or message me for assistance. luxedecordesigns@hotmail.com